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Southern Yucatán Peninsular Region (SYPR) Project



People of the SYPR Project

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SYPR PIs and Senior Personnel

B. L. Turner II (Clark) [human-environment geography; has never mastered Spanish!!]


Jackie Geoghegan (Clark) [resource economist; has never mastered the field!!!]


Deborah Lawrence (U. Virginia) [forest ecologists; masters the languages of all her fieldwork sites!]


John Rogan (Clark) [RS pyrogeographer; has never encountered a fire (or a Yucca brevifolia) he didn't like!]


Hans Vester (ECOSUR-QR) [forest ecologist; the architecture of all forests must be known!]


Carmen Pozo de la Tijera (ECOSUR-QR) [entomologist; counts every butterfly in the region!]


Sophie Calmé (ECOSUR-QR) [conservation-ecologist; chases tapirs across ruins!]


Franciscon Gurri (ECOSUR-Campeche) [anthropologist; surveys every household in the region, even those vacated!]


Suzanna Ochoa (ECOSUR-Tabasco) [ecologist-remote sensing; never stops traveling around the world!]


Steven Manson (U. Minnesota) [modeler-geographer; can even model what he has never seen!]


Eric Keys (Arizona State U.) [human-environment geographer; a true Latin Americanist geographer who likes beer, trucks, and milperos, in that order!]


Rinku Roy Chowdhury (U. Miami) [integrated land-science geographer; literally does it all and lets you know it!]


Laura Schneider (Rutgers) [integrated land-science geographer; believes that bracken fern did in the ancient!]

Claudia Radel (Clark) [env.-gender geographer; if she occupies a house, it is robbed!]


Tana Wood (U. Virginia post-doc) [Clarkies would like to meet her some day]
Euridice Leyequien Abarca (ECOSUR post-doc) [Mexico to Netherlands to Yucatan]
RAs and Linked-Project Graduate Students
Jennifer Fallon  
Jennifer Irving (U. Virginia) [hanging with Gabino, the mayor's son]

Rishiraj Das (U. Virginia ) [Lost on the way to his lab]


Birgit Schmook (Clark) [population geographer; will show Humboldt what real geography is!]

Marco at work  

Marco Millones (Clark) [human-environment geographer; knows more about tropical fire than he ever wanted to]

Fernando Tun
Fernando Tun (ECOSUR) [I'd rather be here than writing my thesis]

Rebecca Dickson Palmer (Clark) [human-environment geographer; searching for the right biodiversity problem!]


Former Senior Personnel and RAs Moving On


Basil Savitsky

Pedro Marcanio Mendoza

David Foster

Diego Pérez-Salicrup


Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger

Sergio Curtina Villar

Colin Vance

Peter Kleipeis

Florencia Sangermano

Florencia Sangermano


Nicholas Malizia



Lucy Diekmann



James Eaton

Larisa Read


Ximena Rueda

Marcia Delonge


Chris Busch







Former SYPR- NASA Parks-Biodiversity Project


Andy Hansen (Montana State U.) [ecologist; can’t stop taking pictures is search for a new “new” ecology!]


Ruth DeFries (U. Maryland) [remote sensing-env. geographer; loves to fly in small planes after eating!]


Jan Dempewolf (U. Maryland) [remote sensing geographer; believes that MODIS is the window to the world!)


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