Welcome to the Ipswich Watershed Land-Use & Land-Cover Change Project

       The Ipswich River Watershed covers 404 square kilometers of eastern Massachusetts and flows into Plum Island Sound. The impact of new residential development on the watershed's resources is a major concern to all 21 towns in the watershed. The objective of the project is to estimate future land change using a spatially explicit model. The model is calibrated and validated with empirical data of land-use of 1971, 1985 and 1991.



The National Science Foundation (NSF) funded this research through the Water and Watersheds program grant DEB-9726862. Additional contributors include the Jesse B. Cox Charitable Trust, the Sweetwater Trust, and NSF's Long Term Ecological Research program OCE-9726921. Also, we thank our colleagues at George Perkins Marsh Institute and the Center for Integrated Studies of Global Environmental Change of Carnegie Mellon University. Massachusetts Geographic Information Systems, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs provided most of the data. Paul Burgess, Stephen Menard and Margaret Lowry contributed substantially to database development. Our main collaborators are Chuck Hopkinson, Ed Rastetter, Joe Vallino and Luc Claessens at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA.

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